Source code for v8cffi.shortcuts

# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-

from __future__ import unicode_literals
import atexit

from .platform import platform

__all__ = ['set_up', 'get_context']

_context = None

def _tear_down():
    global _context

    _context._vm.tear_down()  # no-qa

[docs]def set_up(): """ Set ups the V8 machinery:\ platform, VM and context. This function is not thread-safe,\ it must be called from a place\ where is guaranteed it will be\ called once and only once.\ Probably within the main-thread\ at import time. """ global _context if _context is not None: raise AssertionError( 'This function must only be called ' 'once in an application lifetime') platform.set_up() vm = platform.create_vm() vm.set_up() _context = vm.create_context() _context.set_up() atexit.register(_tear_down)
[docs]def get_context(): """ Return a global V8 context. :py:func:`.set_up` must has been called :return: Global V8 context :rtype: :py:class:`.Context` """ global _context if _context is None: raise AssertionError( 'No context found. ' 'Did you call shortcuts.set_up()?') return _context